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MDS Cargo offers procurement services for goods and services in UK and Europe wide. We can help individuals and small businesses purchase goods and services in Europe and then use MDS cargo to get your goods delivered to your door within days in Nigeria.

Online Purchase

Buy from top UK shopping outlets online and get the goods delivered to our warehouse to be shipped to Nigeria for you. Or if you are having problems with payment , just register on the site, add all your desired items to the cart and then give us the authority to checkout the goods and pay for them and get it delivered to our warehouse. Once it's delivered we will cross check the delivered items, weigh it and cost the shipment to Nigeria for you.

Before we do the above, we need to see the equivalent (agreed exchange rate) of actual purchase amount including the shipping charged by the online store + 3.5% (Procurement service fee) credited to our account in Nigeria. Then just before we ship out the load to Nigeria, the shipment fee to Nigeria would also need to be credited to our account.

Offline Purchase

This is not an online purchase, it involves that we would need to visit the street store to negotiate and purchase the goods or services in the UK or Europe Wide. We would require the transportation and accomodation cost if necessary + 9.5% (procurement service fee) on the total cost of the transaction in question. As stated earlier, we would need the funds to be credited to our account before we start delivering the service.

Q A Why the service fee?

Simply put, every business knows that time is money. Do the math on how much it would cost you to do it yourself. We have no problem if you decide to do it yourself or have a cheaper alternative.

Q A What type of products and services do you procure?

Clothing, Logistics, Equipment, IT services, Engineering services etc are all on the list.

Q A Do you offer recommendations?

Yes if we are asked to but we prefer clients to do their research very well and then let us run the errand for them. Please see some of our recommendations below.

Just call +447984935042 or use the Live Chat button at the top of this page to ask us a question.

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