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What is the container groupage and cost to Nigeria?

Container groupage is the act of purchasing a shipping space in a 20ft or 40ft container ranging from 1 CBM, 5 feet, 10 feet , 15 feet and up to 20 feet space . Cost  will usually start at £300/CBM, this will include customs clearance and all documentations for the shipment taken care of by the freight forwarder.  

Commercial freight to Nigeria and other West African countries from the UK and EU is where we are specialised and can help any type of business. Here we have offered very affordable stress free and cheap cargo groupage options. Groupage is the method of buying a cargo space with other companies or individuals and transporting the goods together to a port or destination. As a small or medium size business owner, freight charge takes up a large chunk of your business cost which will normally cut into your profit, cashflow and present you with serious challenges in trying to compete with your competitors. Using groupage for your import and export is cheaper and allows you to hands off the headache that comes with import and export knowing fully well that your freight forwarder is in control and will deliver to you promptly. Be sure that your proof of export for your VAT refund from your supplier will be taken care of by us if any is required.

Here you can enquire or book container spaces ranging from 5ft space to 20ft  space from our groupage options, once you are sure that your goods will fit any of the groupage spaces offered below, please use the Book Now button below to book your freight . We will contact you back within 24hrs.

We provide services from UK to Nigeria, EU to Nigeria and UK to Ghana.  Please see the FAQ below .


Available Space

5 Feet Space (5ft)

10 Feet Space (10ft)

 15 Feet  Space (15ft)

20 Feet Space (20ft)



121 x 230 x 240 (cm)

6.96 CBM

 242 x 230 x 240 (cm)

13.9 CBM

363 x 230 x 240 (cm)

20.9 CBM

 484 x 230 x 240 (cm)

27.8 CBM

Estimated Price

£ | € Warehouse to warehouse


UK: £400/CBM

EU: €450/CBM

UK: £390/CBM

EU: €490/CBM

UK: £350/CBM

EU: €440/CBM

UK: £300/CBM

EU: €400/CBM

 Loading Date

 Between 14th and 30th of every month

  Between 14th and 30th of every month   Between 14th and 30th of every month   Between 14th and 30th of every month
   Book Now Book Now  Book Now Book Now


Q A I dont know what space my goods will fit into?

Send us a message or call us on the phone and we will work that out for you. A supplier's dimensions or pictures will help us work this out for you, most suppliers will provide you the dimensions and CBM of the goods.

Q A Do you have any space option lower than what you are offering here?

Unfortunately we only have the spaces available here, this service is strictly for businesses that import in bulk and is interested in low cost fast groupage shipping . But yes we have other services that offer space for pallets, boxes and other smaller options. Click here to visit the page.

Q A Is your price accurate and does it include transportation from the supplier to our warehouse before shipment?

Most of our prices based on our warehouse in UK or EU to our warehouse in destination, but don't panick, most of the time your supplier may offer to drop this off for you for a cheaper amount than using a third party but you need to ask first. For Ex works goods , we can still collect this from all over UK and EU to our warehouses in the UK and EU for shipment. We work with a wide range of partners in these areas to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

Q A Can you provide proof of export to our supplier for our VAT purpose?

Sure we can, we need to have your commercial invoice before the goods are collected or delivered by your supplier.

Q A Is clearance inclusive ?

Yes, price includes clearance but there may be extra cost to some type of goods, this will be informed to you on booking.


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