Terms of Carriage

Terms Of Carriage
Customers are responsible for item(s) packed by them(damaged and breakable goods should be declared by customers).Customers are liable for all extra customs duties, charges and surcharges as may be applied or incurred due to the type of commodity they  are freighting (if unsure, please ask for a list of prohibited items from our customer service assistant). Incidence of loss are thoroughly investigated and MDS would  determine the type of compensation to offer customer (either cash or discount depending on the agreement). MDS insurance cover is £200 per consignment. Claims without evidence would not be considered. It is advisable  for customers  to have additional third party  insurance for goods of high value.
Delivery Time: For Air freight to Lagos / Accra  we deliver within 7-10 business days (estimated) from flight departure date, for  Sea freight, we deliver within 40  business days from sail date . Please note that delivery time is estimated but usually accurate,  although it is rare but we may encounter unforeseen circumstances that may cause delay.

Electronic Products Shipment: All electronic products such as TVs , Laptops, Phones etc should be declared before shipment including the value and any other necessary documents associated with the purchase . MDS Cargo will not assume responsibilty of any damage(s) to electronic products in transit, customers are advised to seek third party insurance for their electronics. MDS Cargo will negotaite on the replacement of any missing electronic product in our possession for shipment  but will not be responsible for damaged items in transit. In the case of damaged electronic in transit, MDS Cargo will bear half of the cost of shipping the item back to the sender for possible replacement with the seller.

Dangerous  Goods (DG) Shipment: Customers are required to handle dangerious goods extremely carefully and should be declared to MDS Cargo before shipment. MDS Cargo would not be held responsible for the shipment of dangerious goods not declared in writing before shipment. Certain conditions are supposed to be met as stipulated by United Nations and IATA before dangerous goods are shipped. Goods of the following nature should be declared to MDS Cargo before shipment, we take our dangerous goods policy  very serious. These are Harzardous Materials (Explosives, Gases, Flammable liquids, Flammable solids, Oxidizers and Organic Peroxides, Toxic Materials and Infectious substancesand Radioactive Materials).

Contra Band Products: MDS Cargo is not liable for any shipment of contra band both from origin of shipment  to destination countries. We are ready to help customers stop this practice by due information before shipment if declared by customer but it is the responsiblity of the customer to declare contraband items to MDS Cargo and to investigate before hand if goods being shipped falls under contraband in either origin or desitnation countries or both. If unsure please call our customer service team for information.

Goods of Fraudulent Nature: MDS Cargo will not accept liability for goods purchased or solicited fraudulently and shipped through MDS Cargo. We have stringent rules to mitigate or stop this type of shipment, once such shipment is suspected to be linked to fraud, it will be stopped for further investigation  which will involve request of documents from sender and reciever for further verification . Where MDS Cargo is not fully satisfied with the investigation, we will alert the appropraite local authority to assist in the investigation.